Tuber-World, the beginning

Hello reader. My name is Kenya. I was born and raised in the city of Pontiac, Michigan just outside of Detroit. I come from a factory family. I won't mention the company, but its been around for a long time. Getting a job in the factory was considered an accomplishment where I'm from. You hire in, you work your 30 years, and you live and retire with the income and benefits package that so many desire. What many people outside of this environment don't realize is the heartache and pain that goes on inside this job, but I'll save that story for another book.

The point is, after working 20 years in this environment, I'm ready for something completely different in my life. Something that will truly allow me to be. Something that will allow me to connect with others, and to monetize all the personality, energy, and charisma that I've had my whole life, but have had nowhere to channel it.

The internet was creating so many amazing possibilities for people to start or change their careers. I wanted to be a part of that. I thought "Tuber-World"  would be the perfect place for me to do just that.

The book, Tuber-World is my take on being a performer on the most well know video upload internet platform. Again, I won't mention it by name but I'm sure many will know which one I'm talking about. My time as a performer on the platform has been a roller coaster ride of high expectations, low results, twists and turns in the middle, and the opening of doors to many other possibilities.

Never before in the history of entrepreneurship has it been easier to self-monetize on-camera performance for the amateur actor, singer, cook, crafter, teacher, comedian, and other talented (or not so talented) person.

This is my first book. I hope to give a lot of insight into the emotional turmoil that comes with being a part of this world, the technical savvy needed (or not) to succeed, and other elements of "putting yourself out there" when it comes to recording some or all of your life for the world to see. 

Please stay tuned to this blog for updates on the development of the book and be one of the firsts to know when it's published. I hope it entertains, educates, and warns all those who dare to become a part of Tuber-World.